Dementia Cafe





A dementia cafe: 

  • Welcomes people with dementia, their families and friends, health and social care professionals and members of the local community who are interested and involved in dementia activities in their community. 
  • Is free of charge.
  • Meets once a month (or more regularly), at the same time and in the same place.
  • Has four pillars (Atmosphere, Information, Support, Community), with corresponding principles (outlined below). 
  • Communication and language used at the cafe is accessible and supports personhood for people with dementia.
  • Has a speaker/talk at most cafe meetings (at least 7 a year). The talk features an invited speaker(s) or involves the use of a network resource. 
  • Is part of the fabric of community-oriented care and connectivity pathways.
  • Is run by a voluntary steering committee, which manages all aspects of the operation of the cafe and conducts a brief annual review of the cafe activities.    
  • When a cafe steering committee signs up to join the Irish Dementia Cafe Network, it commits to upholding the network’s shared cafe ethos and principles

Would you like to set up a dementia cafe? 

Our detailed manual “How to Set Up a Dementia Café” is available, and we would be more than happy to post you out a copy. Please send your contact name and postal address by email to : and simply mention that you would like a copy sent out to you.  

If you are interested in setting up a dementia cafe in your local community and would like to be kept updated of the cafe network’s activities, please click here to : join our cafe mailing list.