About Dementia Cafes

A dementia cafe is a welcoming, once monthly meeting for anyone who is affected by dementia. People living with dementia, their families and friends, healthcare professionals, and people who are interested in supporting a dementia inclusive community, are all welcome to attend. Dementia cafes are run by local voluntary steering committees, and are always free of charge.





The Irish Dementia Cafe Network

The Irish Dementia Cafe Network is a network of dementia cafes around Ireland, each of which is run according to a set of shared principles and guidelines.

The network brings dementia cafes together and supports the start-up of new dementia cafes.

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About the project

The Irish Dementia Café Network wishes to thank the HSE for funding our continuing work.

The project was established by Engaging Dementia, and commissioned by the National Dementia Office (HSE) through funding from Dormant Accounts via  the Department of Health.

Many thanks to the following for their continual support: